Inspired by good mood and colours, the confectionery factory Rūta is presenting to you a stylish and exclusive line of 8 chocolates. Carefully handpicked and perfectly paired additives will help you discover your favourite flavour, even if you are the most discriminating of consumers.
Chocolate is a royal delicacy, which stimulates the production of serotonin – the hormone of happiness. That is why chocolate is said to enhance the mood and clear away gloomy thoughts.
If you miss the warmth of summer and the taste of ripe berries, we recommend to you milk chocolate with raspberries and bilberries, dark chocolate with hemp seeds and strawberries, or dark chocolate with freeze-dried cherries and pumpkin seeds.
For those who are on a quest for a rich and gourmet flavour, we recommend dark chocolate with 85% or 75% cocoa content, or dark chocolate with crispy pumpkin and sunflower seeds and flax-seed.
If you love snow-white coconuts or lemons with their sun-like warmth, you will be pleasantly surprised by milk chocolate with this pair of ingredients. And if you want to taste the mildly fresh and fragrant orange and experience the crispiness of cookies, go for dark chocolate with orange zest and cookies.

Client: confectionery factory Rūta
Graphic Designer: Gediminas Medžiaušis
Photographer: Rimvydas Riauba
Used printing techniques: golden foil, emboss print, varnish
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